Pankajanghri Prabhu’s Visit to NV

It’s taken a while, but finally here are some photos and a brief report of HG Pankajanghri Prabhu’s visit to NV. Prabhu arrived along with HH Bhakti Sundar Caksur Goswami (formerly Jagat-caksur Prabhu) from Atlanta after the Panihati festival there. Both were on their first visits to NV.

The first evening we arranged for Pankajanghri Prabhu to recount the special lilas of Lord Jagannath in Mayapur, the next day he had an official meeting with the pujaris and in the evening spoke on Lord Nrsimhadeva’s Mayapur pastimes, and he also gave the morning class once. Maharaja gave the other two SB classes.

The local devotees commented to me how struck they were by his presence, notably his purity and natural absorption in Krsna consciousness. He also visited the altar during the morning worship which was inspiring for the pujaris. Unfortunately his visit was too short for all to take full advantage. . . .

The days were spent visiting the holy sites of New Vrindaban with the senior residents as guides. Prabhu told me he was happy to meet so many Godbrothers for the first time. He also commented that Americans talk a lot! Overall he was happy with his visit even though there was hardly any free time. Devotees of his calibre are rare and thus in high demand so his entire US schedule was pretty hectic with flights all over the country and just two-three days in each place.

Please see the photos below. Next time let’s hope that Jananivas Prabhu comes!

–Ananda Tirtha Das

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