Best Protected Garden

by Jamuna dd

Paunamasi and Tattva are enjoying the harvest of their first year’s garden. Already the tomatoes are producing an abundance of fruit. Gardening comes naturally for Tattva, coming from a family of farmers in Trinidad. Early this spring he erected a tall (6 feet +) fence. The garden is approximately 50ft x 20 ft. and is quite impressive.

On arrival at their house one is greeted by four boisterous, enthusiastic puppies. This is one of the few gardens on the ridge that has no problems with deer, groundhogs or rabbits. The puppies will collectively chase any intruders who dare to come near the garden.

Their garden contains certain Trinidadian specialties such as loci ( a kind of squash), and a special Trinidadian spinach which can grow into a bush. Also in the garden they have many varieties of peppers such as jalapeno, birds eye pepper, green and banana peppers. They have 3 varieties of tomatoes along with cucumbers, string beans, asparagus beans, bitter melon, pumpkin, black eyed beans, and squash. They have a very clear idea of what they like to eat and this is reflected in their garden.

Their plans for next year include improving the soil by spreading manure over the whole garden and also making the trellis for the beans higher so that they have more room to spread out. They are interested in learning which vegetables they can plant to allow for 2 harvests from one bed.

They are both looking forward to many years of abundant harvests and have one piece of advice for all aspiring gardeners,”Get a dog.”

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