He Has Good Handwriting

by Bhaktin Rita

Today, another bus load of school children from Wheeling’s inner city toured New Vrindaban. There were eleven children, age 8-11.

The first stop was Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold. The children loved everything! They saw the hills and forests of West Virginia from the balcony. They visited the rose garden and threw coins into the fountain. And they gazed at the lake and the tri-state view from the other balcony.

Inside, I told the children that the devotees built the Palace so that when he was there, Prabhupada would feel like he was in the spiritual world. I said that in Vrindaban, all the houses have gold. I said that peacocks are everywhere, so Prabhupada liked having peacocks in his palace. One of the children pointed to the stained glass windows and said, “He must have really liked having lots of colors, too!”

The highlight of the Palace visit was Prabhupada’s study. The children loved the decorations. They were very impressed with the Chinese vases and the peacock decorations. But the children were most impressed with Prabhupada himself. They were so impressed that Prabhupada rose at 2:00 am to write his books. One little girl stood next to Prabhupada for quite a while, and looked at him. Finally, she told the group approvingly, “He has good handwriting.”

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