I Can’t Get That Song Out Of My Head

by Bhaktin Rita

On Tuesday, a group of fifteen 12-15-year old kids from the inner city of Wheeling visited New Vrindaban. They arrived promptly at 10:30, and went straight to the temple room. In the temple, they chanted the maha-mantra only a few times – just enough so that the kids heard the Holy Name. The group spent 30 minutes in the temple room.

Afterward, the kids visited the organic teaching garden.. They got a small taste – literally – of some of the plants such as basil and stevia. Because people in Kali yuga have short attention spans, they spent only 30 minutes in the garden and then moved on.

They spent 30 minutes in the kitchen, learning to make chapattis. It was exciting to watch the chapattis puff up, like magic!

After the cooking lesson, I walked with the kids to the Palace. It was 12:00, and quite hot out. The kids started complaining about how hot it was. And they kept asking where they were going and when they would get there. The interns in charge of the kids told me that the kids complain about the heat every day, and that I should ignore them.

Suddenly, one girl said to me, “I can’t get that song out of my head.”

I asked, “What song?”

“That song from the temple.”

Another boy said, “We should sing it right now.”

A few kids shouted, “Yeah! Sing it!”

He sang loudly, “Krishna! Krishna!”

The kids all laughed, and we continued walking to the Palace.

All glories to Lord Caitanya’s sankirtan movement. Everything is happening by His mercy alone.

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