“I Still Give A Hoot About My Community”

Last week the Istagosthi Team and a lot of other devotees had a lot of fun at Vidya and Shyam’s house to celebrate their father’s birthday. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for providing the fun.

There was some short discussions about next week’s topics. One suggestion was “Simple ways to be self-sufficient”. Devananda Pandit had a few ideas.

We would also like to give the “Istagosthi” a new name each week. This week’s name is: “I Still Give A Hoot About My Community” Discussion Group.

There will be pizza at 6 pm and that option will be over by 6:15, so please come early and get the nice prasad. See you on Wednesday, July 15th at 6 in the Guest Prasadam Room.

Thank you very much.
ys, Sukhavaha dd

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