Marian Thomas: Departed Vaishnavi May 10th, 2009


Marian, a Columbus temple devotee who recently moved to Athens, Oh, has left her body due to the effects of a car crash. She was returning to Athens from New Vrindaban following the Festival of Inspiration. The crash occurred outside of Marietta, OH on Rt. 7 and Marian was not responsive at the scene.

She was airlifted from the hospital in Marietta to Grant Memorial in Columbus and, by Krishna’s inconceivable arrangement, Lalita devi dasi, wife of Dr. Pyuish Gupta, is doing her residency at Grant and was able to be at her side in the trauma and operation centers. She administered tulasi leaves, Radha Kunde water, and chanted the Maha Mantra, along with playing a tape of Srila Prabhupada. Even more amazing, her parents agreed to cremation and allowing Sri Kishore das (her fiance) to bring her ashes to Vrindavan.

Marian served Radha Natabar for several years in Columbus. As her last service before relocating to Athens, she was manager of the Food Pantry.

On the final day of her life, she was very happily engaged in Krishna’s service along with the three other Athens’ young ladies, doing Kitchen clean up and transfers as their Festival seva. They were all exuberant upon departure, promising to return for the 24-Hour Kirtan in June as well as making plans to come back and serve the FOI ’10.

When I made the announcement in the temple to the assembled devotees this morning, Vrindaban Chandra dropped His flute when I said her name.

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Reader Comments

Godspeed, Marian. Be the Light that shines in All Life: past, present and future.
Thank you for being Here! It was wonderful to meet you in the least expected of places, from friends’ houses to our very own, momentary home, Earth.
Much Love and Sorrow. They dance together in the memories I will always have. Forever in Spirit…

Marian will be missed. She touched alot of lives in positive way’s. I knew her briefly but she touched my life in a positive way. Her light on this earth may have been short but her light will shine always. I am not a Hare Krishna but I do believe that every religion has parts of the truth. I am more spiritual in belief.
Marian hoped to make the world a better place and she did in many way’s. I make it my pledge to make the world a better place and I am alway’s a man of my word.

I’ve been very touched by this young woman’s words, and the story of her all-too-short life. I was never fortunate enough to meet her, but I wish I had.

Rest in peace…

Hare Krishna!! I am sure Marian has gone back to Godhead. Its Krishna’s inconceivable mercy that He wanted her to come back soon. I dont know Marian personally but I know one of her friend by name Tess (Tulasi Devi Dasi) who was also in the car.

I wish I had met Marian..