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More New Vrindaban Videos From Manorama

Manorama das from New Vraja Dhama in Hungary visited New Vrindaban for the Festival of Inspiration and posted videos to his blog about his visit.  We have already posted a link to the first one here, these are the links to 3 more. New Vrindaban videó 2. New Vrindaban videó 3. New Vrindaban videó 4

Festival of Inspiration 2009 from a Pilgrim’s Point of Veiw

Thursday, May 7, Alachua, Florida — I settled down on my narrow bunk, people around me stacked in three tiers like immigrants in a Chinese city and beginning to snore. It wasn’t a five-star hotel, but ISKCON Youth Ministry’s Krishna Culture Festival Tour bus was definitely the way to travel. Soon the hum of the […]

Copperheads and Immature Black Snakes

“Like a great mountain, the Lord stands as the abode for all moving and nonmoving living entities. He is the friend of the snakes because Lord Ananta is His friend.” Srimad Bhagavatam 3.8.30 Recently a snake was found and removed from the basement  of the CD building (originally known as the nursery building) when some […]

Lakshmi & Janaka Mahajan Have Baby Boy

from Grandpa Balabhadra & Grandma Chaya Thursday, May 21, Lakshmi had an emergency cesarean due to a condition called Preeclampsia. It is hypertension caused by pregnancy and is life threatening to child and mother. Janaka Mahajan wanted to let everyone know that she is fine and the baby boy named Balaji is a healthy and […]

24 Hour Kirtan June 20th 2009

June 20th 2009 The event we’ve all been waiting for. The third annual 24 Hour Kirtan in New Vrindaban. This year promises to be even bigger and better than before. What is the 24 Hour Kirtan Festival? The New Vrindaban 24 Hour Kirtan Festival started in 2007. The idea is to chant the Hare Krishna […]

Ravindra Svarupa’s Photo Journal Of His Trip To New Vrindaban

Check it out here.

Giriraj Swami At The Japa Retreat

Before the Festival of Inspiration, a japa retreat was held in New Vrindaban. This is when devotees get together, stepping back from their day to day lives and focus on japa, including a day when they chanted 64 rounds. I have heard only good things from participants who came out of the retreat reenergized and […]

Video Of New Vrindaban

Manorama das of New Vraja Dhama made a video of his recent visit to New Vrindaban. View it here.

Live Broadcasts

Hare Krishna, This weekend New Vrindaban hosts the North American GBC and Temple Presidents’ meetings which means we have a host of senior devotees giving the morning Srimad-Bhagavatam classes. Now, via our webcam and live audio features, you can tune in and participate from anywhere in the world! Please visit at 8:00 am EDT […]

FOI From Bhakta Marg Swami’s Perspective

Here are links to Bhaktamarga Swami’s blog where he mentions his visit to the Festival of Inspiration: Devotional Rehearsals “Stress Is Good” “Get Out! Get Active!” The Culture of Wimps World Drama