Bee Keeping with Devananda Pandit

beesthe one with the blue dot

bees bees

bees bees

Devanda Pandit just got his two hives started up by the big garden. The one with the blue dot is the queen.dscn3697

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Reader Comments

nice pics..where’s the article??haha

A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Notice in the pictures you are working with limited protective gear and did not see a “smoker”. Trust you have a good relationship with your hives.

Being an “Apiarist” is an art of its own, as you may be aware of. You will just get better as you practice.

Good Luck, Prabhu Devananda Pandit!!

Hari Bol!!
your servant, ccd.

ps: These guys may help:

thanks ccd, for your comments
This is Devananda’s second year, I think.He also does maple syrup in winter.
His bees died last year.
We have a few other apiarist’s here at New Vrindavan. Rupanuga has bees, Gosh used to and there may be others.
Hari bhakta

Oh yeah! And Devananda got stung yesterday.
But, as Gosh says, the real medicine is in the sting, or at least, there is medicine in the sting