Asparagus Soup

Recently asparagus started growing in New Vrindaban. Here is a recipe for asparagus soup sent in by Devadatta das.

Looking at recipes on the web, All recommend milk and cream, most used chicken stock, A few pushed onion, NONE used potato.

I don’t Dislike creme-of -**** soups but i try to substitute/reduce the lactoid portion. Adding/increasing the potato adds body.

So here’s my offer.

1 lb asparagus
3 lg diced potatoes
2 lg stalk celery
4 tbsp butter
2 c half’n half
2 tbsp Salt + Pepper to taste

Cut asp tips and steam 5 min in separate pot. Turn off.

Cut asp wood off and stems into 1/2″ pieces

Dice celery and saute in butter in 1g pot low heat 10 m

Add 2 qt water, boil, add diced potato and salt, rolling boil 15 min

Add asp stems, rolling boil 10 min

Machine Bolt or mash

Add half’n half , asp tips and pepper, gentle boil 5 min. S+P to taste.

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