Nuts, Berries and Asparagus Being Planted in New Vrindaban

Hari Bhakta is funding the planting of trees and berries as a memorial to his wife. Here is the list of plants he has ordered:


10 Chinese Chestnuts
8 American Chestnuts
10 Northern Pecans
5 Carpathian Walnuts


8 Goji
3 Sandra (shizandra)
4 Elderberries Samdal
3 Gooseberries Pink
4 Gooseberries Tixia (Rafricta)
3 Gooseberries Pixwell

150 asparagus

He has bought compost and topsoil for the planting. Many of the trees are going in around the temple. This area was sculptured out of the natural terrain and in many places there is little natural soil remaining hence the need for adding topsoil.

He also bought rock phosphate which the soils here tend to be low in and liquid seaweed to soak the plants in to minimize transplant shock and for foliar feeding.

So far Soma and Hari Bhakta have planted the 10 Chinese Chestnuts and are waiting for the rest to come in. You can see where the trees are planted because there are cages built around them to stop the deer from eating them. Eventually the trees will grow above the deer.

The berries and asparagus will be planted in the temple’s fenced garden areas as they will need lifetime protection from the deer.

Anyone hoping to get an opportunity to assist on this project can contact Hari Bhakta or Soma.

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