Going nuts for trees!

Thanks to the inspiration of Soma prabhu, we are embarking on a very practical project that has long lasting benefits for our community – planting nut and fruit trees. Of course, over the years, devotees have planted apples, blueberries etc some of which are still around today.
Talking to Soma, who is a very gentle soft spoken devotee, I got turned on to the idea of planting trees, especially fruit and nut trees here at New Vrindavan. Soma has been planting paw paw trees ( a local fruit) for the last few years as well as some chestnut trees. So, when I heard about pecans, which are one of my favorite nuts, I got “nutspired”.
So, we have 10 chinese chestnut trees (I was told that these can live to be 1000 years), 10 chickapens and about 200 asparagus plants on the way. We are also expecting some Carpathian walnuts and northern pecans and an assortment of other berries.
WE NEED HELP to plant these trees. The best help is to volunteer physically with the planting. Other help that we could use is to buy fencing and other materials to protect the plants.

Imagine one day we could be offering nuts grown in New Vrindavan to the Sri Sri Radha Vrindavan Chandra!!! Pecans! Walnuts!

for more information or to volunteer to help, please contact  Madhava Gosh (gourdmad@ovnet.com), Soma , or Hari Bhakta (haribhakta@hotmail.com)

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