A Visit To The Temple Barn

by Bhaktin Kyra

If your eyes led you to this, you’ll be reading about my new adventures or discoveries of sorts as a baby devotee living in the dham. My point of view… I do not feel qualified to share this with you but see it as a service by doing so.

Since the weather has been nicer (I lived on a tropical beach for 4 years, HATE the cold!!!) I was able to go to the Goshala & check out how Krishna’s beautiful cows were doing & get the 411 on them — somethings always new with the cows — so I asked Vrinda to come along & share some of Krishna’s favorite pastimes with me.

We were welcomed with 5 cows coming from the hills expecting Jaya Prabhupada to feed them some oats, it was about that time. Surabhi, Punya, Ganga, Kamadhenu, Gauri & Tulasi strolled in.

Vrinda showed me where the feed is kept in the wintertime & we fed them about 3 metal buckets full of oats.

Godavari is a HUGE black & white pregnant cow and due to give birth anyday. Tulasi has been pregnant since December. Bhakta Patrick from Chicago was staying in New V then, milking & caring for the cows was part of his many outdoor services. I remember him in DETAIL telling me the story about how the previous evening he was waiting for the veterinarian to come and upon his arrival he placed his ENTIRE hand into the cow to impregnate her.

Apparently there is a 12 hour window from when the cow shows or “says” shes “ready” to make some babies, that’s when they call the vet (or I suppose if we had a bull, he’d be roped in to perform his “daddy Duties”).

Cows give milk for a good 2 years after giving birth, the 1st 3-4 days the milk is ONLY given to the baby.

The cow with the largest MILKAGE??? (whadda-ya want from me, these terms arent generally used in Brooklyn…) is Gauri, she gives 20 lbs in the morning & 20 Lbs in the evening. Punja gives 12 lbs total per day.

The amount of milk given from the birth of the baby decreases by 1/2 in one year.

This past Wednesday the 3rd cow, Surabhi, was inseminated. So we’re going to have a lot of calves around the dham & a whole lot of milk. Some of which will be used by Mother Dhara to make Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Chandra their delicious burfies.

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