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Going nuts for trees!

Thanks to the inspiration of Soma prabhu, we are embarking on a very practical project that has long lasting benefits for our community – planting nut and fruit trees. Of course, over the years, devotees have planted apples, blueberries etc some of which are still around today. Talking to Soma, who is a very gentle […]

A Visit To The Temple Barn

by Bhaktin Kyra If your eyes led you to this, you’ll be reading about my new adventures or discoveries of sorts as a baby devotee living in the dham. My point of view… I do not feel qualified to share this with you but see it as a service by doing so. Since the weather […]

Library Meeting

There will be an open meeting to discuss the Radha Vrndavana Candra Temple Library. The history, location, facilities, management and its functioning as an asset for both devotees and guests are the agenda topics. The meeting will be held on March 30, Tuesday evening at 6 pm in the main prasadam hall. Prasadam will be […]

Festival of Inspiration Requires Drummer & Bass Player

Dates would be Friday May 8th & Saturday, May 9th. They would accompany Titiksita Karunika from the West Coast with his Mantra Rock style R & R. Contact Malati 304-845-9591

Photos from Gaura Purnima

New Vrindaban’s deities looked resplendent in a new outfit and the altars decorated with flowers and fruit.  HH Indradyumna Swami started the evening program with an enlivening harinam parikrama up to the Palace of Gold and back, followed by a lecture, a dance performance, an ecstatic kirtan and abhisek, and of course a sumptuous feast!  Thank you to all […]

Gaura Purnima

Celebrating the 523rd Appearance Day Anniversary of Lord Caitanya! Tuesday, March 10, 2009 Everyone is invited to celebrate Gaura Purnima at the temple starting with morning class at 8:00am and kirtans/bhajans from 9:00am – 4:30pm.  4:30pm   Harinam parikram — start in front of the temple deities and circumambulate the small lake outside. 5:30pm   Lecture by […]