Assistant Wanted (Female)

Hare Krishna Dear Vaishnavi’s (meaning ladies):

I am looking for a personal assistant for the up-coming year. Your availability must include late March ’09 through mid. October ‘ 09. You could begin sooner and end later or continue on, as the case may be, but these dates are the most crucial in terms of being available. This time frame includes serving and being part of the Festival of Inspiration, Twenty-Four Hour NV Kirtan, the Vaishnavi Retreat, and several Rathyatra Festivals as well as working on an up-coming book project with senior Vaishnavi’s. The basic requirements are as follows:

1. Consistent sadhana or be willing to do so (16 rounds, morning
program, 4-regs, etc)
2. Must be computer literate
3. Able to communicate in English
4. Able and willing to team- work with others.
5. Able and willing to travel (Have a passport).
6. Able to drive or willing to learn (Have valid drivers license or be
willing to obtain one.)
7. Able to do light cooking and cleaning when needed.
8. Flexible service oriented mood.
9. Provide credible references.
10. Have enthusiasm for performing Bhakti Yoga
11. Initiated or not does not matter.
12. Important point,must be willing to relocate to New Vrindaban during
time of service!

If you, or someone you know, is interested, please contact me for further
details. I can be reached at


or 304-845-9591 (eastern standard time-usa)

Thanking you at the feet of Srila Prabhupada, malati devi dasi (GBC Zonal
Sect. North America)

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