2008 Govardhana Puja…Success Through Volunteers

This year’s Govardhana Puja at New Vrindaban was one of the best, thanks to all the devotees who contributed to the festivities!

Varsana Swami’s class was electrifying and set the mood for the ecstatic abhishek and kirtan that followed.

Our community cooks brought mountains of sweets and other preparations to be offered at the feet of Sri Gopal Nathaji, providing great pleasure to the Lord.

Enthusiastic volunteers, led by Tattva Darshana, filled take-out boxes with maha prasadam and distributed them to everyone in a well-organized manner.

A huge “Thank You!” to everyone who brought food preparations, served the guests, sang, danced, and otherwise participated in worshiping the Supreme Personality of Godhead in His form of Govardhan Hill.

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