Govardhana Puja Schedule

Wednesday, Oct. 29th

Morning Program

5:00 am Mangal Arati, Nrsimha Arati, Tulasi Puja & Japa

7:30 am Darshan Arati, Guru Puja & Damodarastakam

8:15 am Class: Pastimes under Govardhan Hill

9:15 am Breakfast

Evening Program

5:30 pm Go-puja (in front of the temple)
Help decorate a cow and offer her sweets

6:00 pm Class: Pastimes under Govardhan Hill
During class the altar is closed while the Mountain of Bhoga is offered to Giriraja

7:00 pm Govardhana Arati, abhisek, and kirtan around the hill
The pujari will bathe and worship Govardhan Sila while devotees sing, dance, and circumambulate Govardhana Hill

8:00 pm Feast (served out in the temple room)
Tables and chairs will be provided in the prasadam halls on either side of the temple room. Maha prasadam will be distributed in boxes to take home.

8:30 pm Shayan Darsan and Damodarastakam prayers
Take final darshan of the deities for the day

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