Blissful Bhagavatam Class Schedule With Visiting Vaisnnavi’s

Hey Folks! Tired of the same old faces and voices putting you asleep from the Vyasasine?

Try a NEW experience this week beginning on Thursday:

Thursday, Nidra devi dasi (ACBSP) from Denver will discuss a verse from the first canto.

Friday, Nila Madhava devi dasi (second generation youth from Alachua) will discuss famous ladies from the Bhagavatam.

Saturday, Vishaka devi dasi (ACBSP) renown author and scholar, will address the assembly.

Sunday, for anyone fortunate enough to be born in a female body, you are invited to Sunday Morning at the Palace with Srila Prabhupada and His Daughters where the topic will center on 10:87:16., a beautiful verse submitted by Rukmini devi dasi for discussion.

The program begins at 6 am with Mangala Arati. The participatory class begins at 7:45 to 9:15.

We sincerely hope all of the wonderful New Vrindaban Mothers will join us. Hare Krishna!

With best wishes, yr servant,
malati devi dasi

6th Annual Vaishnavi Retreat

by Malati devi dasi

Oct. 10, 11, 12, 2008

For Women, By Women
New Vrindaban, WV

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Haribol! The Vaishnavi Retreat is THE BEST!!!