“Birth” by Devananda Pandit das

(Adapted from the 4Th chapter of Krishna book words and music by Devananda Pandit das.)

Peace came from the east
Success came from the west
And the sky was riddled with a billion stars
In villages and towns
Through many miles around
Signs of fortune offered their regards

The forests and the waters
Where dressed with fragrant flowers
The birds began to sing and peacocks danced
The wind was so appeasing
And the sense of touch was pleasing
It seemed that everyone was in a trance

Celestial beings and angels
Rejoicing with no bounds
Looked upon from their jeweled towers
The ocean waves subsided
And the thunder was delighted
Well the demigods together showered flowers

Then in the dead of night
To everyone’s delight
Lord Krishna made His way into this world
Appearing like the moon
A transcendental boon
The prophecy now finally had occured

copyright 2001 Denis Moreau

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