Janmastami Highlights

Dear Devotees:
While the Janmastami festivities begin this Saturday, below are a few highlights for the actual Janmastami on Sun. 8/24:

  • It would be a great pleasue to present the deities with 108 preparations for Vrindaban Chandra’s birthday feast. Our community’s cooks are welcomed to bring any specialty offerings to the pujari room by 11:00 pm for the Grand Janmastami Offerings.
  • Varsana Swami will lead the morning class on a colorful Krishna katha journey.
  • Sankirtan das will also weave his storytelling magic at 6:00 pm both Sat. & Sun.
  • And you won’t want to miss the children’s costume contest at 7:45 pm! All children ages 12 and under are encouraged to dress like Krishna or one of His special friends to delight the devotees and win prizes.
  • The abhishek begins at 9:00 pm and after the kalash donors have finished, the resident devotees will have the chance to personally bathe the Lord.
  • Krpamaya das will enchant us with an original musical performance at 11:00 pm.
  • The festival finale will be a midnight darshan with Radha Vrindaban Chandra in Their new outfit, followed by a Janmastami feast for everyone.

There will be spectacular darshans throughout the day for the pleasure of Radha Vrindaban Chandra and Their confidential friends and families from New Vrindaban community….please do come and enter into the forest of Vraj, celebrating Sri Krishna’s appearance day.

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