Dolma From Devadatta

Devadatta wrote in wondering if anyone ever uses leaves from the wild grapes growing in New Vrindaban to make dolma. Apparently he has been doing some cooking since he left NV.  And yes, THAT Devadatta, Palace construction crew alumni. Then:


And now, with some dolma:

Clip the stems of large( 8″ DIA.) grape leaves, cultivated or wild . Blanched (optional).   Soak in brine a few days.   Xtras will store in the fridge for months.


cooked rice
minced gingerroot
Herbs In order of importance: dill, mint, basil, cilantro. Fresh herbs are best, but dried also works. (Google for more variations…)
Lemon or lime juice
plenty olive oil
Optional–fried gluten diced

Mix filling ingredients.
Roll em up stem side first.

He writes: The grape leaves would make this prep at least “partially” grown in NV. As well as an alternative to comfrey in hard times !!

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