Rathayatra Ki Jaya!

Dear Devotees, Friends and Contributors to the Radharani Club,

Hare Krishna! This coming Saturday is New Vrindaban’s annual Rathayatra Celebration. It is Lord Jagannath, Lady Subadra, and Lord Balaram’s way of showering Their Divine Mercy on both the residents and visitors of the Holy Dhama of New Vrindaban. This year’s celebration has been planned out by Her Grace Malati devi, and as she is a “Rathayatra Groupie” travelling around every summer to get “The Mercy” – I’m sure this years’ celebration will be nothing short of spectacular.

And this also marks the 5th Anniversary of the “RADHARANI CLUB”, as the first outfit that we had made was for the Rathayatra celebration in 2003. We put the beautiful festive outfit on Lord Jagannath, Lady Subadra and Lord Balaram, and then packed the outfit away, and dressed all the Deities with the outfits on RADHASTAMI that year. So this year, I used the laksmi left over in the Club from 2007, and collected the balance this year, and had this years’ Rathayatra outfits made in India.

I would like to give special thanks to Radhasundari prabhu, for all her help in communicating with the tailor in Vrindaban, and helping in choosing such a beautiful offering to Their Lordships, and to Malati prabhu for putting all her energy in planning out this year’s Rathayatra, and also to the following donors for their generous contributions, this year. Besides using the laksmi for the outfits, the leftover laksmi was used to sponsor and buy all the flowers for this years’ celebration on Saturday.

Thanks to the following donors:

Manonatha das (Michael Hoare)
Dulal Chandra prabhu
Mother Gopa and Damodara prabhu
Mother Krishna Bhava and Kripamaya prabhu
Nityananda dasi
Caitanya das
Mother Malati
Nityo Dita prabhu and Radha
Sachimata dd
and one miscellaneous donor

HARE KRISHNA! And have a great Rathayatra celebration. All glories to
Their Lordships, Jagannath, Subadra and Baladeva.

P.S. I’m not positive if the Deities will be moved to the former Sita-Ram altar in time for Rathayatra, but I would like to give a special thanks to Rukmavati devi dasi for all her hard work on making a new backdrop for the Deities. Hare Krishna

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