Lord Jagannath’s Rathyatra Festival


7:00 am The Glories of Rathyatra in Temple(Speaker: H H Danavir Goswami from Chaitanya Caranmitra)
8:00 am Greeting of Deities Festival Schedule
8:10 am Guru Puja
8:45 am Breakfast served

9:15 am Lord Jagannath moves to the Rath Cart
10:50 am Inaguration of Festival: Dhoop Arati & Breaking Coconuts & Confetti
11:00 am Parade to Temple begins with mini stops along the way:

a) Nityo Dita & Ria
b) Vani & Rupanuga
c) Gopa & Damodar
d) Sankirtan & Ruci
e) Varshana Swami (if present)
f) Palace of Gold
g) Goshalla (have cows present)
h) Santee Gardens (w/ T. Punja)

12:15 pm Sharp left into compound, around Lodge to Handicap spot by Temple.

*The Lord descends cart and returns to His altar in temple amid kirtan & dance.

12:45 pm Oddissi Dance for Lord’s Pleasure
1:00 pm Raj Bhog Arati Festival Schedule
1:30 pm Story Lord Jagannath as narrated by Sankirtan das
2:00 pm Feast Served in front of Temple

Evening Program:

6 to 7: Krishna Katha: Narrations by Sankirtan das
7:00 pm Gaura Arati (led by Parampara Prabhu)
7:45 pm Bhajans with Ras Chaitanya
8:00 on Classical Dance Recital by Kavya Phani from Copley, Ohio
8:30 pm Shyan Arati & Final Darshan of Deities
9:15 pm Assemble at Temple for torch-lite procession to Lake
9:30 pm Swan Boat Jagannath Darshan & Kirtan
9:45 pm Fireworks & Kirtan
10:00 pm Hari bol & Good night! Om Tat Sat

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