Additions To Our Upcoming Weekly Schedule & Rathyatra Up-date

Dear Devotees:

HH Holiness Danavir Goswami arrives from Kansas City, MO Wed afternoon. We expect that he will offer SB class Thursday morning and certainly Saturday, specifically discussing the glories of Rathyatra. Please make him feel welcomed back to New Vrindaban.

Possibly Friday morning during SB class, there will be an excellent slide show presentation depicting the preparation and execution of the Rathyatra Festival in Jagannath Puri. Coming by the grace of Sri Nandanandana Prabhu, noted devotee author of 14 books, it will bring you glimpses of the Lord and His brother and sister that are rarely seen by anyone, especially those from the west. It will show the various stages of building and decorating the magnificent Rath Carts themselves. There is an accompaniment of rare kirtans by an early devotee, Dinanath Prabhu, who was very dear to Srila Prabhupada.

The cart is expected to arrive Thursday afternoon. As previously mentioned, Akhilananda prabhu will need some strong shoulders and arms to help get it ready to roll. FYI, dimensions of the cart are 28 feet tall when the canopy is fully extended, 11 1/2 feet wide and 18 feet long when decorative balcony’s are added, otherwise, it is 12′ by 8 ‘.

Volunteers needed for the following areas:

The “Golden Broom” has been purchased, but we need a volunteer to gold spray it before Saturday.
We are looking for two strong poles/ sticks 4 to 5 feet in length and 1 1/2 to 2 ” in width to be used during the parade to protect the pullers and others from bumping into the wheels.
We need two persons for the service of Wheel Captains during the Yatra (parade).
Volunteers for Saturday morning cart decoration seva.
Someone to refresh the crowd by spraying rose water mist from a back pack water sprayer.
Strong devotees to assist placing the Lord upon the cart. You must wear clean devotional attire.
Offerings that can be offered at various stops along the Parade route.
We need someone to fill the torches that will be used during the Harinam Procession to the lake in the evening for the Special Rathyatra Jagannath Swanboat Serenade and darshan with fireworks.

Call (304) 845-9591 for further information or to volunteer your services.

Lastly for this up-date, I wish to thank Garga Rsi Prabhu for pledging a donation towards NV Rathyatra. May he eternally dance for the pleasure of Sri Jagannath dev.

Jagannath Swami Kijaya!

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