NV Rathyatra Countdown Begins

Dear Devotees: Remember, the Rathyatra Festival date is less then two weeks away, Saturday July 12th!

The Rath Cart is getting ready for transport to NV. Akhilananda Prabhu is very attentive to details for the pleasure of Their Lordships. The dimensions of the canopy when fully up will be 28 feet tall, the over-all cart will be 18 feet long and 11 feet wide when the decorative additions are included. Garua Nitai will be here as well, adding to the transcendental pleasure of all.

We will need a Decoration Crew early Saturday morning up by Rupanuga’s to put up garlands, balloons, and other festoons. Our wonderful community cooks are invited to make offerings at various stops during the parade for His pleasure.

Balabhadra Prabhu of ISCOWP has volunteered to provide the ropes that will pull the Chariot. Akhilananda will need the help of four strong men-folk for the “heavy -lifting” of getting the Chariot ready. It is slated to arrive on Thursday, July 10th to allow plenty of time for preparations.

I want to offer sincere thanks to Sankirtan Prabhu for his donation towards the Festival. A compete list of expenditures which can be sponsored is available upon request, but a partial list includes the following items that can be sponsored by generous hearted donors who will receive many blessings for doing so:

The Feast
Vegetables (bhoga)
Fruits (bhoga)
Miscellaneous Decorations for the Rath Cart

Devotees are invited to contact Malati’s office and volunteer for various personal service to Lord Jagannath during the Rathayatra Festival or make a personal financial donation towards Festival expenditures. 304-845-9591 Thank you!

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