25th Anniversary Celebration of Sri Gopal Nathji’s Installation

July 4 2008, doesn’t just commemorate the declaration of independence of the USA. It also commemorates the Declaration of Dependence to God for His shelter when the most beautiful deity of Sri Gopal Nathaji (Krishna, the lifter of Govardhan Hill) was established in New Vrindaban, WV 25 years ago on this date.

The history is that the most auspicious moment for establishing the deity was 5-7 minutes before midnight on the 4th, and the big elaborate ceremonies, like the maha-abhishekam (ritual bath), took place on the morning of the 5th. This is in fact, consistent with Lord Krsna’s pastimes. He was born at midnight, but his grand birthday celebration took place the next day, called Nandotsava.

So this coming July 4-5, there’s gonna be a small festival for Nathaji at the community.

On the 4th, there will be an adhivas ceremony in the evening, where special items and ghee lamps will be shown to the deity to inaugurate the festival.

and then the next day..

Sri Nathji will be offered a dress made completely of flowers. There will be a traditional Chappan Bhog offering of 56 special food items offered at noon to Nathji. This is a special rite of the Pushti Marg Vaishnava sampradaya whose main deity is Srinathji.

At 4pm, there will be another maha-abhishekam for Nathaji, when the whole deity will be bathed in substances like milk, rose-scented water, juices, etc

Please give your blessings and prayers for the success of this festival. If you’re able to come in person, please do so and celebrate with us. If you can’t, then at least offer your prayers to Nathji on this special day. This is also consistent with Lord Krsna’s pastimes.
While Nanda Maharaj celebrated Krsna’s birthday in Vrindavan with all those who were present,

Lord Krsna’s actual father – Vasudeva, mentally observed the festival by giving charity to the Brahmanas, offering special sacrifices, prayers, etc.

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