Simple Living, High Thinking Issue #5

As the worms pop out of the dirt and say hello, we do the same to you, our loyal and beloved readers, and we let you know whats going on this week in the gardens of New Vrindaban Dham

And yes, the thinking was high up. For example…

As HH Radhanath Swami mentioned in a very inspiring talk on self-sufficiency this past week, we may not have to worry about elephants and leopards and snakes infiltrating our fences and destroying our crops and maybe even ourselves, but we have to keep on guard against the complacency that rears its poisonous head. And the lack of communication, the lack of inspiration…we have to become paradigm warriors, spiritual warriors in this great fight for our land and our souls.

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Reader Comments

dear devotees,

gau mata ki jai,

in india, normally cow-stables are running on donations, but cow can and is really feeding the whole world. i have a programme of cow-sewa, where through cow, the whole vrindavan and vrijvasis will make their life like it is in golook-vrindavan. if there is any listeners, i would like to share this programme.

jai shree radha, jai shri krishna

ashok das,
delhi, india