Caring for Tulasi Devi

There are about 30 Tulasi Devis at New Vrindaban. Those who have cared for Tulasi know that actually she cares for us. She calls us, she teaches us, Silently yet profoundly.

Lokadrsti devi came to the movement in 1973 and by 1974 she was asked to care for Tulasi devi. It seemed that Tulasi would call her wherever she was. When Lokadrsti moved to New Vrindaban, whenever anyone encountered problems with Tulasi, they would call her to ask her advice.

At one point, Jai Sri devi asked her where was a suitable room for all the Tulasis. Lokadrsti thought the room on the third floor of the temple was the most suitable because it had so many windows. At this point in time she felt she could not turn her back on Tulasi. This was in 1995 and so Lokadrsti funded the remodeling of the 3rd floor with proper lights, etc.

Traditionally, Tulasi is brought to her outside “home”, a screened in house in the back parking lot by the temple. This year, the roof was falling in and so again Lokadrsti funded the repairs to this house. Vyasasana das, a carpenter by trade, bought wood, nails and new screen and fixed her house in 3 days so she could move outside and enjoy real sunshine for the summer season.

Thank you Lokadrsti devi and Vyasasana P. for providing nice “shelter” for Tulasi Devi so the rest of us can receive the “shelter” of the dust of her feet. All glories to Tulasi Devi.

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