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As gas prices have skyrocketed we thought that possibly residents might be interested in ride shares to town to share the cost of gas. We are posting a list via email and in the temple prasadam room that will assist interested parties to connect. Along with this email is an attached sheet. Anyone who wants to participate, please send your information to aheartconnection@gmail.com and we will circulate the new information (via Jaya Murari’s email list) on a regular basis.


Along with the idea of Ride Shares, we thought that you devotees might also like to be aware of all the different services available (by other devotees). Anyone who is interested in posting their services (with approximate pricing) and/or posting if you are willing to trade or barter services to save on money flow, please contact me and I will update a list on a regular basis that will be circulated via Jaya Murari. My email address is: aheartconnection@gmail.com .

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