News From the Village: Surprise Guests At Morning Program

By Sukhavaha dasi

On a Tuesday I was surprised to see two young local boys (25 years old) visiting the temple morning program. Upon inquiry one boy expressed that he used to come out here often when he was younger and hang out with some of the devotee kids his age. He commented that he liked to bring his friends out here because this place was “out of this world”. He said, “There is nothing like this place anywhere out there.”

His friend who was coming for the first time was quite impressed with the atmosphere in the temple and said he felt so tranquil and peaceful.

While engaging in a conversation it occurred to me that the first boy sounded pretty frustrated with the world. He said no one cared. He was a little upset and got up to walk outside. His friend stayed in the temple and mentioned to me that I shouldn’t mind that he walked out, but that his wife had left him that night and took their baby daughter with her. He was so upset his friend thought he might kill himself.

And yet, somehow in his desperation, he wanted to come to this place that was familiar to him and that was “out of this world”. We spent some time together and he received maha and a picture and his mood seemed to change.

We can understand that compassion and mercy will come to all those souls that seek shelter in Krsna.

NOTICE: Any devotee from New Vrindaban who has anything of interest whatsoever, whether meeting a nice guest, a home program open for invitation, a new baby, or what’s happening in your service area, please contact Sukhavaha dasi in the temple or at for a brief interview

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