New Deity Pujaris

Sometimes we may feel like a fan that has no life. And then we discover that we are unplugged. Just by plugging in that fan and connecting to the source (our heart) miracles can happen. Rupanooga experienced this. He revealed his heart by opening his mouth and making some requests in regards to Deity worship and here is what happened.

On the request of Rupanooga P. the following devotees have newly agreed to dress the Deities on a regular basis: Purnima dasi, Archana dasi, Devananda Pandit das, Tattvadarsana das, Brikasanga das, Krpamaya das, Nityo Dita das, and HH Varsana Maharaj. Thank you very much all very much for taking the leap into the unfathomable realm of the bliss of dressing & serving Their Lordships.

Sharing with the devotees at an evening gathering, Nityo Dita P. expressed genuine happiness in the privilege of dressing Radha Vrindavanath after 10 years of separation. He said he could see that Krsna, as the center, can bring us back together and connect us again.

When requested by Rupanooga P to dress Srimati Radharani, Varsana Maharaj said he would dress, if Rupanooga P agreed to be his partner (dressing Vrindaban Candra). And so the pair united in service and dressed Their Lordships. This marks another milestone as it has been over a year since Varsana Maharaj has served in this capacity. Srimati Radharani looked happy.

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