New Vrindaban Rathyatra

by Malati dd

Dear Devotees: Hare Krishna!

Lord Jagannath’s Rathyatra Festival will be celebrated on Saturday July 12th in New Vrindaban beginning promptly at 11 am by the usual venue near Rupanuga and Vani’s home, across the road from Nityo Dita’s.

We hope to offer a colorful lively event for the pleasure of the Lord and His devotees this year. By the grace of Akilananda prabhu and Dyal Nitai of the Cleveland Yatra, a wonderful cart is available (see photo).

His Holiness Danavir Goswami has agreed to attend so you can be sure that colorful kirtans will follow along with his lively Mantra Rock style electric band.

We are aiming for a old fashion super yummy Love Feast to celebrate the occasion and please Lord Jagganath and Srila Prabhupada. The evening will be topped off with a Hari nam to the Lake for a special Rathyatra mood Swan Boat and excellent fireworks.
We invite transcendental sponsors in the following areas/ items:

1. Flowers for Lord Jagannath’s garlands and decorating the Rath Cart: $1001
2. Lord Jagannath’s Feast (using only best ingredients and pure ghee): $1001
3. Flowers for decorating the altar and the Vyasasine: $701
4. Transporting the Rathyatra Cart to NV & back: $501
5. Air fare for His Holiness Danavir Goswami: $301
6. Balloons: $201
7. Fireworks: $201
8. Any unspecified area: $101
9. Ropes to pull the cart: $51

Whoever wishes to sponsor, either in full or in part, contact the following number: 304-845-9591 or write for further details. Sponsors will receive the special unlimited mercy of Lord Jagannath along with a Maha Garland, Maha-prasad plate and photo of Lord Jagannath Himself. The two top level donors will receive another special gift in recognition of their generosity.

There will be a Transcendental Swap featuring gently used devotional items. Devotees wishing to display or sell crafts, prasad or other items, or present information, etc can call 304-845-9591 or e-mail for further details or to reserve a space.

Jaya Jagannath Swami Kijaya!

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