“Simple Living, High Thinking” Issue #2

Click here to head one over to the Club 108 blog for this week’s installment of our weekly series “Simple Living, High Thinking”, as we let you know all about our adventures living the dream of real honest-to-goodness farm life, via our Small Farm Training Center and our beautiful garden projects (the Teaching Garden and the Garden of Seven Gates).

What we realized

“Everyday with hands dirty, feeling the wind blow, eyeing the sky for storms, sweating in the heat…our connection to the elements is like any intimate relationship, a rollercoaster ride of joy and frustration, dependence and blessings. One begins to feel his or her place in the whole scheme of things, and the education is subtle. Every scoop of dirt, every piece of green has its own personality and its own way of teaching you how to react and how not to react…”

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