Blessed Water to Sustain Us

by Sukhavaha devi dasi

Coming from New York City to New Vrindaban is quite a change. Comparatively, New York is so cramped and crowded, so many agitating noises, lack of fresh air, and it costs lots of money for water and twice that amount for disposing of that water (what goes down the drain). In other words, for every gallon of water used you pay 3 times that in cost.

New Vrindaban, on the other hand, is so spacious, fresh air in abundance, not (yet) dependent on city water and the beautiful sounds of peacocks, birds and nature abound.

Yet as we are in the material world, resources are not unlimited. Last year New Vrindaban ran out of water. There were hundreds of leaks in the system and so we lost over 100,000 gallons of water every single month.

This year, Varsana Maharaj and Tejo Maya Prabhu are working diligently to fix the water system. At this point they have repaired all the major leaks. And Krsna has blessed us with lots of rain this year. Thank you, Krsna.

Fixing the leaks is only one part of the mission of the water and sewer department. Looking ahead to the future, the long term vision, the two man crew is working to implement the Rainey Well System down by the Wheeling Creek. This system has been there but not fully set up. This system picks up the ground water from the creek and can be used for everything EXCEPT drinking.

A lot of New Vrindaban’s water supply is spent on irrigating the flower gardens at the palace and the organic gardens on the hill. Another big use of water is on the sewage system (toilets). As the Rainey Well System can provide lots of water, when the crew takes on connecting all the irrigation systems and the sewage systems to that water supply, our drinking water supply will be sufficient.

We want to thank our team of Varsana Maharaj and Tejo Maya Prabhu for putting in their physical manpower now but also, more importantly, for having the foresight to plan a system that can sustain us later also. A perfect marriage of combining both emergency and conservationist measures to insure a better future.

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