Dream of Prabhupada

by Hayagriva das

At last:
He was initiating Bonnie
Prince Charlie – of England –
Was it second initiation?
He would pat the disciple’s head
The way he has sometimes
There were long lines of people before Him to be initiated
I was seated behind Prince Charles. He was #32 and
I #33, I recall –
The Prince’s turn approached,
Prabhupada started laughing and smiling
His beautiful smile,
His beautiful laugh – (Who can forget them?)
He was so glad initiating the future King of England –
I guess….Who knows?
He just kept laughing so hard –
That when the Prince’s turn finally came,
Prabhupada got up and walked out –
We all wondered why
It was a very jolly affair.


*[And all the while I was thinking –
Oh, he’ll pat me on my head again
As he used to when pleased
I’m joyous at last….]

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