Gopal’s Garden Week 4

On Tuesday April 22nd the kids took a vote on what vegetables they would like to plant in their garden. The following six vegetables were the winners:tomatoes, beans, basil, cilantro, swiss chard and spinach.

After voting. the lkds, led by Bindu and Lalita Gopi, walked up to the garden of Seven Gates to pull out the remaining kale stalks from the ground. Using big and small shovels the kids loosened the dirt around the stalks and were finally able to pull them out of the ground. The last step was to knock the dirt off the roots.

On the walk back the kids noticed the footprints of deer, raccoons and small birds in the mud along the path.

On Friday April 25th the kids planted some of the seeds for the vegetables they selected. Tapa-Punja prabhu showed the kids how to plant the seeds and they all took turns planting spinach, cilantro and swiss chard. It was a hot day and the kids enjoyed getting sprinkled with the hose. Vishaka said that getting sprayed with the hose was her favorite part of the day.

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