Love of Krishna: Volunteer Week-Ends

New Vrindaban offers a magnificent opportunity for unlimited Bhakti and Radha Vrindaban Chandra are the ever present with Their unlimited mercy.  NV is situated off the grid in a serene atmosphere, surrounded by forests and streams, lakes, and wild life.


Peacocks and swans greet guests with their own charm and beauty. Krishna‘s cows give love-milk and gently “moo” their satisfaction at being protected for life from a slaughter-house death.  Children frolic in the playground, free of all cares. It’s incredible here!


In preparation for Festival of Inspiration ’08 and the 2008 Pilgrimage Season, New Vrindaban Community needs to “Get Ready Now” and we “Need Help” to do it!


What can you or your group do to help and become more of a part of NV’s family?


Beginning on the second week end in April through the first week end in May, there will be a series of Volunteer Devotional Service Week End Projects that will lift up your spirits and help New Vrindaban get ready for the season at hand.


We need enthusiastic lay persons with hands, legs, arms who are “ready to go” as well as  those with any professional abilities in areas such as plumbing, electrical, landscaping, carpentry, general handyman/woman, painting, gardening, etc



You can dance, chant, and feast your way through an array of services for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada and Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Chandra. What you will get is a whole lot of Krishna‘s mercy vas well as a complimentary week end in New Vrindaban, located in the scenic Appalachian Foothills of West Virginia.


The dates include the week end of Lord Ramachandra’s Appearance Day, April 12th & 13th as well as April 19th & 20th, and May 1st & 2nd.


Call Now for further information and sign up for a week end of volunteer ecstatic soul releasing bliss!

(All volunteers will receive a complimentary T-shirt in appreciation.)


Sign Up Now or get further information by contacting:




 *Please note: This is strictly a Voluntary Devotional Service effort only. There will be no monetary exchange for services rendered.  It is for the pleasure of guru and Krsna.



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