Gopala’s Garden Lessons in Nature

by Bindu Sarovara Dasi

For two hours each week, the students and teachers of Gopal’s Garden Home
School Co-op will close their text books and exchange their pencils for gloves
and gardening tools as part of a 22 week “Lessons in Nature” curriculum with
Ruci Dasi, Tapa Punja Das and Bindu Sarovara Dasi.

The outdoor classes will be held each Tuesday and Friday at various agricultural sites around New Vrindaban Community. “We’re going to learn the ABC’s of organic gardening”, explained Ruci Dasi, headmaster of the school. What is unique about the 22 hours of garden experience is that the mood of the class is children centered, that is, focused around what interests the children most. Our intention is to encourage a sense of enthusiasm and hands-on involvement with gardening and nature. We are also planning several fieldtrips within the community to keep the kids entertained while educating them about the natural abundance of New Vrindavan.

The first class was on Tuesday, April 8. Ruci and all the kids hiked up to the greenhouse by the Garden of Seven Gates for the first lesson: growing plants from seed. The children mixed soil, filled seedling pots and planted peas in them. In the following weeks we will be able to watch how the seedlings are growing.

We will keep you posted on the fun activities and lessons the kids are doing
throughout the season. If you would like to get involved, contact Ruci Dasi.

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