By Hladini Devi Dasi

I need You in flannel—

‘cause if You were in jewels

There wouldn’t be us—


Were You the prince You should be—

I couldn’t be here-


Were You as famous as You should be

Everyone would see You…

and want You.


And there would be no more us


I love You in flannel—

No one notices what exists beneath…


You will never be famous with me—

I’ll hide You forever—

You and Your wonderful flannel.



( Lord Jagannatha had several flannel outfits while He lived at Madhuvana and Vrindavana Farm. Mostly they were PJs. But there was at least one day outfit I can recall. Hladini liked to dress Them each in Their own colors as much as possible. ys. rupa )

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Reader Comments

Jai mother Hladini dasi !!!

Thank you. It brings tears to my eyes 🙂