Announcing Our 2nd Meeting to Discuss Bahulaban

All interested devotees are invited to attend the 2nd meeting about the restoration of Bahulaban!

Adi Guru das, the devotee who is spearheading the development project, will be in attendance to answer questions and also raise questions how to practically move forward.

The meeting will be this Saturday March 29, 2008 at 2:30 pm. (after lunch prasadam) in the RVC Temple Prasadam Hall.

Included as part of the meeting, everyone is invited to go to Bahulaban, for an on site look at the present conditions and potentials of everything.

Possibly bring your own note pad to write down your own ideas and suggestions, as in that environment there may not be a suitable place or time for all pertinent discussions.

Please Be There!

If for some reason you can not make it, please email your suggestions to: or

Nityodita dasa

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