Thinning Trees

by Madhava Gosh

I will be starting thinning some trees around the temple and the area between the temple and the Palace in the next few weeks. As you can see in the picture below, taken in 1984, when they were planted they were quite small so they were planted closer than mature spacing so it wouldn’t look too empty.

The original plan was to thin them later so they can grow to estate style trees, but that has been neglected. I am simply carrying out the original plan.


Note in the picture that the road and parking lot had not yet been paved over with the interlocking bricks.

Another thing that has happened over the years is that you can no longer see the temple from the Palace. Part of the thinning will be to open up some sight lines, one of which will enable tour guides to point out the temple to visitors at the Palace.

Last year I announced I would be thinning out excess trees. After someone else cut out the hedges around the lodge, I was held accountable for it but that was a separate project I had nothing to do with. I do plan to cut out the tortured yews that the deer strip off every year in front of the lodge, but will do that later so anyone objecting can take the time to see how bad they look and have for years.

I would also like to point out that I did not cut down the birch that was recently killed to set up a street light.


There are only a handful of birches in NV and are meant as accent trees, not bulk filler like the pines. IMHO, it shouldn’t have been cut and I lament its brief 20 year sojourn in the dhama.

If anyone wants to help with the thinning or have a more detailed presentation of the intended eliminations, please contact me.

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Reader Comments

What about the wildlife living in the pine forest?

Should have no effect, as the nature of the space won’t be changed — trees will still remain just less of them that will be able to get larger.