Bahulaban Restoration Meeting #1-The Minutes

Attending: Balabhadra, Madhava Ghosh, Nityodita, Tapahpunja, Chris,
Rabbi, Gopalasapriya, Krpamaya, Caitanya Bhagavat, Jaya Murari,
Paramdhama, Sambha, Devananda Pandit, Jaya Prabhupada

1. History and Significance of Bahulaban
-Prabhupada Tirtha, history of New Vrindaban, hundreds of devotees
initiations occurring there

2. Background of Devotee Investor Group
-The initial proposal is to bring renovations to Bahulaban and Old
Vrndavana. After examining the scope of such a project, it was decided
to concentrate on Bahulaban. The devotees behind the proposal
will form a non-profit to support eventual plans for restoration and

3. Legal Considerations and Encumbrances.
-There was discussion as to the actual legal status of the land upon
which the buildings of Bahulaban stand.

4. GEETA Cow Care Function And Land
-The pasture behind the Bahulaban buildings is the main grazing area
for our cows in the summer. GEETA owns these pasturing grounds and
all the land surrounding the buildings.

5. Status of Physical Facilities
-Discussion and suggestions included possible repairs of the barn
(which are extensive). Other general suggestions include boarding of
the windows, repairs of roofs, removal of trash and other waste. There
was also discussion as to reestablishing proper water and sewage

-Suggestion to look at Prabhupada’s will to see if it’s advised to
sell or lease the Bahulaban properties in future dealings with this
-Suggestion to ask the devotees making the proposal to present their
paperwork of incorporation for the non-profit behind the project, and
to inquire whether this project will remain under the auspices of
-Suggestion to make sure Adi-Guru Prabhu is present at future
meetings, to clear up question from the side of the devotees behind
the proposal.
-Suggestion to go to the local courthouse and get the actual paperwork
on the lien status of the Bahulaban land. It was suggested that
perhaps Raghu can do this.
-Discussion about phased development of the project i.e: Phase 1 would
be stopping any accumulating damage to the Bahulaban buildings,
followed by Phase 2 of restoration of utilities, etc.
-Discussion of future plans of this project, which included using the
Bahulaban buildings/land as a retreat center for yoga and japa
retreats, or for facilities for alternative healing/medicine.
Suggestions for greening the facilities (solar, wind power, living
off the land) were also discussed.

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Reader Comments

Why are we focusing on the restoration/development of Bahulaban when we need to focus on what we already are using that is falling down-Lodge, Temple and Palace. I just don’t get it. I’ts like we have this pattern of always going on to the next big thing..
If someone is interested in investing in NV then let’s have a meeting ways to build an eco-friendly lodge, cabins and temple.

Rama Lila, as always a voice of reason.

I do think it’s a shame to let the buildings at Bahulaban just rot, and something definitely needs to be done about it, but first things first. When there’s so much basic maintenance needed on the temple and lodge, what to speak of the palace, Srila Prabhupada’s only pushpa samadhi outside of India, shouldn’t that be done first?

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