On The Cusp Of The Local Radio Revolution

New Vrindaban is on the front lines of a nationwide push for more access to low-power FM radio stations (LPFM), which has now been taken to the floor of the U.S House and Senate.

Check out this article which details the Local Radio Community Act, which will offer low-power, local airwave access to a whole range of diverse and progressive community groups that have been left out of the wrong side of media consolidation of the airwaves by powerful corporate interests like Clear Channel.

Most importantly, you can help! By clicking this link here, you can get in contact with your local elected officials and tell them to support local radio now!

Like may other local community groups across the country, we are hoping to acquire our own bit of bandwidth in order to provide an true spiritual alternative for radio-listeners in our own little slice of West Virginia and Ohio (and beyond via the Internet). You can check out an article on our petition here and a potential programming guide for our station here.

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