Winter Clings To New Vrindaban

With temperatures averaging 10 degrees below normal and lots of snow, winter remains attached to New Vrindaban.

Last night was a windless snow and every surface including branches is covered.


“Prabhupada: This is innate truth: as three angles of a triangle are equal to 180 degrees, similarly snow is white. Snow is white, water is liquid, stone is hard, chili is hot, sugar is sweet. These are eternal truths, fundamental truths. Similarly, a living  entity is eternal servant of God.

“This is eternal truth. It cannot be changed. Water is liquid. That is the natural position, but when water becomes hard, it is due to temperature, under certain conditions, but as soon as the temperature reduces, the water becomes liquid. So liquidity of water is truth.

“Similarly, whiteness of snow is truth. Similarly, servitude of the living entity is truth. But he is serving maya. That is untruth. If we take that there are two types of truth, there cannot be two kinds of truth. Truth is one. What we take as truth, that is maya.”

Discussions with Shyamasundara das: Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz

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