More On The Fire at RVC Temple

Right now the only real damage is to a series of spots on the temple floor that have been warped by the water, but it certainly is repairable, and we are also working on getting some maintenance to our trusted sprinkler system, which saved the day during the fire and has likely guaranteed itself a trip back to Godhead once its earthly life is over.

We followed up with an isthagosthi the day after the fire, and we are now implementing some changes in ashram policies (putting up fire safety signs in each room, banning incense burning, etc). All in all, it’s an event that wakes up everybody living in the temple to the need for responsibility and community.

Last and not least, here are some pics….



Incense + this chair=fire



Local heroes The Limestone Volunteer Fire Department rush to the scene


Devotees band together to clean up the temple floor


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