By Hladini Devi Dasi

O-Dirt—You’ve been plaguing my life since time immemorial!
O-Dirt—I know you’ve become attached-But PLEASE GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!!
I’ve consulted the most ardent authorities as to how to rid myself of you-
But I turn my back, and you are once again embracing my torn and ragged self.

WHAT MUST I DO??? To become free from you???

O-Dirt—We’ve been together so long that my name has become one with yours
When one thinks of me, He automatically thinks of you..
And when one thinks of you, It is most likely brought back to me.
Are we eternal associates?????

Or—Can I break through, and simply not cater to your onslaughts and aggression-
I simply pray for the knowledge and the strength
For someday—Someday—I shall destroy you.

(Written at Madhuvana in 1974. Sometimes referred to as the Ode to Dirt. Hladini had no other title line for it but just “Dirt”. (mrupa))

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