Ladies Get-Together

Saturday, February 2nd, the ladies of New Vrindaban gathered together at Mother Gopa’s house for kirtan, prasadam, catching up with each’s other news, and a little game.

Based on an idea from a book called, “Eat, Pray, and Love”, we played a word game to communicate our thoughts, hopes and dreams. I wrote up a sheet asking each lady to do the following:

1. In one word, please describe your life in 2007

2. In one word, please express your personal goal for 2008

3. As a devotee, and and as a woman, try and think of a word to help inspire and make our community a better place in which to live.

Here’s some of the answers we received last night.

Life in 2007: Miraculous, hectic, blessed, nourishing, a gift, transformation, great, busy, disappointing, painful, unpredictable, hopeful, wonderful, interesting, improving, and past…..

Goals for the future, 2008: To be alive, perseverence, service, sadhana, better rounds, to improve realtionships with other devotees, develop faith, devotion, self-establishing, Bhakti yoga, spiritual advancement, connectedness, focus, more loving….

Last, but not least, here’s what the women of New Vrindaban think about improving and inspiring our community: To be THANKFUL, FORGIVING, INSPIRE BY EXAMPLE, CARING, LOVING, COMMITMENT, MORE COMMUNICATION(This one was noted four different times), MORE GET-TOGETHERS, COOPERATION in personal dealings with other devotees, MORE DANCING, HONESTY!!!, HELPING EACH OTHER, BEING GRATEFUL, ATTENTIVENESS and the three most interesting were: MORE DEVOTION TO LORD JAGANNATH, SERVING SRILA PRABHUPADA, and the funniest one was RELOCATE!!!!!

So men of New Vrindaban what do you think?? We think that behind every good idea, and good community – there are GOOD WOMEN dedicated to serving the Lord. I hope that everyone will be inspired and take all these good ideas to heart. Hare Krishna.

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