RVC Temple Improvements

Dear Friends of Lord Krishna,

Many of you who have visited the temple room of Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Candra have seen several changes taking place. I will not go into a lengthy description of details but rather try to give you the general idea we have in mind.

The conception is to give our temple room a nice, fresh and lighter look. It has been noted on several occasions how our temple room is quite gloomy and worn out. Many guests of NV are very much inspired to help the temple have a facelift and to move forward towards complete rejuvenation.

So far in the RVC temple room changes were made as such:

” Guru Asana of His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada was moved to face Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Candra as it commonly done in most ISKCON temples. That also provided a space for book display and a life size murti of Srila Prabhupada . That area will be further developed into a more comprehensive display with interactive presentation.

“Front doors of the temple were re-hung to meet the standards of fire safety. With the kind donation of Bhakta Joe proper door stoppers were installed.

“All the chairs and furniture were padded with cloth pads to prevent scratches on the floor.

“Door to prasadam hall was fixed and handle installed.

“Major restoration work was done by Soma Prabhu on the pillars and walls of the temple, which previously were damaged with holes. Although Sudhanu Prabhu had prepared molds many years ago, it is only a few weeks ago that job was completed. Now, if you did not know the holes were there, you have no chance of finding any trace of them.

“There is a painting experiment for the painting of the interior in the area next to Narasimha altar which was selected as a trial area and for you to see. The objective is to achieve a warm light neutral color combination and to complete the work by the Festival of Inspiration. The work is being done by professional painters with years of work experience and the best materials available on the market. If you have a very strong opinion about how you want your temple room to look, please pick up a paint sample in the Sherwin Williams store and give it to Jaya Murari Prabhu. Also if you want to express your opinion please do so to Jaya Murari Prabhu, who will work on a community poll for the issue of paint selection.

More to come ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,stay tuned .

Your servant, Janaka Mahajana Das

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