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Winter Clings To New Vrindaban

With temperatures averaging 10 degrees below normal and lots of snow, winter remains attached to New Vrindaban. Last night was a windless snow and every surface including branches is covered. “Prabhupada: This is innate truth: as three angles of a triangle are equal to 180 degrees, similarly snow is white. Snow is white, water is […]

Vendor Opportunities For FOI

by Malati dd There is limited opportunity for vendors of quality items at Festival of Inspiration, May 9th, 10th, 11th in New Vrindaban. We especially are looking for Prasadam Vendors (If you have something good, healthy, and quick to go, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.) Please contact: for further information. One […]

Chilling In The Barn

Waiting for company to drop by.

Getting the New Vrindaban Experience

This past weekend, two intrepid reporters from Ohio University’s student-run indepedent newspaper The Post, Rob (the photographer) and Eric (the reporter), visited the Dham in order to meet devotees and do research for their thesis paper on the inner workings of an intentional community (they are also visiting a Mennonite community, an all-woman community, and […]


by Taru dasa, from the February 1978 Issue of the Brijabasi Spirit ISKCON’s champion milker, Sarasvati, came fresh for the fourth time in the beginning of January. Last lactation she established, at 116 pounds, the record for one day’s production for an ISKCON mother. This season she set out rapidly to demolish all her previous […]

More On The Fire at RVC Temple

Right now the only real damage is to a series of spots on the temple floor that have been warped by the water, but it certainly is repairable, and we are also working on getting some maintenance to our trusted sprinkler system, which saved the day during the fire and has likely guaranteed itself a […]

The Path of Yogamaya

by mrupa Dropping down from the main road just in front of the old one-room school house next to the lagoon and across from the old forge, the first few yards of dirt road is both the beginning of the driveway to Mr. Snyder’s homestead along the top of the ridge, and the pathway to […]

A Little Taste of Frostburn 2008!

by Bhakta-Chris This past weekend a group of intrepid Brajbasis (Nitai, Maha-Laksmi, Mandali, Caitanya, Kesava Acarya,Yaitza, Rasikananda, his pa Akhilananda, and myself) braved the sub-freezing temps and snow-covered ground of the average American winter to participate in Frostburn 2008, at Cooper’s Campground just outside of Slippery Rock, PA and the holy tirtha of Butler, PA. […]

Fire At RVC Temple

An unattended incense stick ignited a padded chair in a room on the second floor of the temple. This set off a sprinkler head which extinguished the fire. The chair is ruined and there is a burnt place on the floor, but the key thing is that the temple itself was saved. Sri Krsna das […]

Response To “Things Were Looking Good in 1983”

Written by Hrishikesh (Henry Doktorski) Many thanks to MG for posting the photograph of Radhanath Swami with United States Congressman from West Virginia Alan Mollohan and other guests and dignitaries. If I am not mistaken, that is West Virginia House of Delegates member Thais Blatnik behind him. Exact date of photo was May 31, 1985. […]