words and music by Devananda Pandit das adapted from the 2ND chapter of Krishna book

When Krishna carried out His desires
Devaki glowed like raging fire.
He entered in her sacred womb,
Though she was shackled in a prison room.

Now Kamsa knew his end was near,
But spared his sister cos of fear;
” a cruel man’s as good as dead”
This he thought and this he said:
” don’t want no curse, don’t want no blame
I’ll spare her life to save my name,
But when this child of hers is born,
I’ll take his life some early morn'”.

Filled with envy, filled with hate,
He thought of Krishna as he ate,
His mind was on Him as He slept,
Carried Him around with every step.
Alas his heart was burdened down,
No trace of love could thus be found,
Unlike the lover’s heart that prays
To serve Lord Krishna every day

copyright 2001 Denis Moreau

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