Update on Gopi Lila dd

From Haribhakta’s blog:

Gopilila got out of the hospital yesterday. She was glad to get back home and so were the kids and I. It snowed last night and she was out there playing in the snow and making a big snow ball. Today she played in the snow with Gopala and Vrinda. We are trying to appreciate her company and make the time we have together meaningful.

There seems to be an underlying sadness to everything that we are doing now – for Gopilila’s folks and myself. I find myself getting edgy and more irritable than usual.

Gopi looks much better than when she went to the hospital. Then again, six pints of blood should make just about anyone look better.

The folks from the hospice came by today to give us some info about what they have to offer. according to the nurse, hospice services are usually offered to those who have six months or less left.

Seeing Gopilila’s progressive illness makes me remember Kunti Prabhu’s return to New Vrindavan and how she left so gloriously. It was quite magically. She was so immersed in Krishna consciousness. I am realizing that while getting entrance into Sri Krishna’s pastimes is our goal, it is certainly not an easy feat.

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We are deeply grieved to learn the passing away of Gopilila, although we are seperated by a long distance, devotees from new shangtipur remember her dearly. Please take good care of you and your kids. We welcome you back to Shanghai and stay with us if Krishna has such desire.